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Instead of fast-fashion, choose items with heirloom longevity.

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Jewelry made from precious metals and hand-picked gemstones.

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Use jewelry to help you become who you want to be. Learn more.

Don’t settle for assembly line jewelry.

Your possessions should meaningfully uplift your life and support your values, not weigh you down.

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Jewelry that’s Beautiful from Every Angle
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Meet Jennifer

Art is a Source of Spiritual Connection.

That’s why I create unique, handcrafted jewelry. It’s so my customers can enjoy the beauty and quality of something truly special. I am a lifelong artist, GIA Graduate Gemologist and goldsmith. In 25 years as a professional jeweler I have handmade thousands of pieces of fine jewelry. Art puts shape to our feelings and I am delighted when my work becomes an expression of something meaningful for my patrons.

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3 Steps: Using Jewelry to Rewire Your Brain


Is there a change you dream of making, whether behavioral or in the way you think? In this guide, you’ll read about a powerful change I experienced, moving out of feeling imprisoned into freedom. I’ll show you how you can use jewelry to rewire your brain, too.

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Fine Art You Can Wear

The Finest Materials

Chosen by a GIA Graduate Gemologist and professional goldsmith.

Uniquely Designed

 Inspired by the natural beauty of precious stones and metals with attention to details from every angle.

Handmade with Care

 Guaranteed against defects in craftsmanship for 10 years.


Our Latest Jewelry

Each piece is unique,

whether one-of-a-kind or hand finished. You will never feel ordinary in one of our pieces. They showcase beauty and individuality from every angle.

Meaningfully Uplift Your Life

Invest mindfully in things that last and leave a positive impact. Too often, we succumb to the pressures of this cluttered, mass-produced, fast-fashion world and it is overwhelming. Our possessions should meaningfully uplift our lives and support our values, not weigh us down.

Art is a source of peace and spiritual connection. Our one-of-a-kind, handcrafted jewelry is made from the finest materials, so our customers can have something truly special. Art puts shape to our feelings and jewelry should be an expression of something meaningful.

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Don’t get caught up acquiring meaningless things. Instead, invest in something that speaks to your soul.

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