It was a beautiful spring morning to take a walk in the park. When I got back into my car, I noticed a little mosquito on the windshield…I thought nothing of it as I pulled out of my parking space.   When I turned onto the street I thought …

…“little mosquito, aren’t you leaving family and friends behind?”.  As I accelerated, the wind was flapping her wings up and down.  I started trying to encourage her, ”Go on, fly away!”.  I am a few miles from the park now.  She bared down in the front so she could be more aerodynamic.  Her delicate body shook violently under the force of our increasing momentum.  I couldn’t understand how she stayed glued to that spot.

Suddenly I realized, she is delivering a prophetic message!
I began to get really emotionally involved with her…”Why are you so afraid to just let go?”.  I imagined her with an aviator cap and goggles like Amelia Earhart used to wear…gritting her teeth as in a cartoon animation.  I said “We are passing a beautiful farm, you can live there with the cows…just let go!”.  She was so tenacious in her efforts.

Why are we willing to endure so much pain and discomfort in life?
I personified my flying friend to our human consciousness…”if I let go I will be cast into the unknown at 50 MPH!”.  It feels safer to grasp onto what we currently know with white-knuckled assuredness; than to let go and risk everything for just a chance at true joy and happiness.  Why are we so willing to believe lies and experience emotional and physical pain?

The reason is FEAR!
No wonder our world is riddled with disconnection, distraction, and materialism…it takes our minds off our struggle with fear.  I have come to know this fear as a crisis in faith…it keeps us from trusting one another and being our authentic, loving selves.

The answer is Faith.
Re-evaluating our limiting beliefs, stress, and self-care practices are good places to start. Take a good, hard look at where your time and energies are going…and consider where these could be more in alignment with our Higher purpose.  If you find yourself feeling more joyful, lighter, and loving…you are on the right path.

Just let go.
As my little mosquito friend finally discovered…we have no control…it’s all an illusion.  If we have the courage to dive deeply into the unknown…we have a breath of a chance of discovering who we really are and all we can really be; we may just unlock the mysteries of this life.  When we disconnect, listen to our hearts, and just let go…the possibilities are endless.  I don’t know about you, but I’d say it is worth the risk.

Our best lives are at stake.