Have you ever gone through the “stuff of life” and come out the other side pessimistic and negative?

I noticed this in myself as my family transitioned through a difficult loss.  Before this time, I always felt optimistic and could find a solution to every problem…

Ever since this awful period, I have struggled with pessimism.  My husband, in his grief, was almost possessed with negative energy…and it brought the whole family down.  As he began to heal, this dark energy made its way into my heart…and I became sarcastic and grim.

Today I thought about this ongoing problem in a different way.  Maybe this negative force of energy is a viable thing…that in my despair…I drew in the darkest energies.  My constant suffering became the food for this beast.  So today as I meditated and prayed, I switched things up a bit:

“Dear God, I ask for your love to fill my heart and for your assistance in clearing this dark energy from all around me.  Please send an Angel of Hope, that can teach me once again ‘the ways of optimism and light’.  That I may find my smile readily and my patience grows exponentially”

I immediately felt a loving energy all around me, and a shift as if maybe this darkness was lifting.  As I went through my day, I felt lighter just thinking of my Angel of Hope who is assigned to me and is there to support me.

It can be difficult to lift ourselves out of darkness; if you struggle with negativity…try calling on your Angel of Hope.

Let’s evolve together.