Answering the call to non-action is perhaps one of the most noble quests yet interestingly, it isn’t very celebrated in our American society.  I was surprised to discover how much happier and loving I felt when I took time to just sit with my thoughts and look out the window.

I achieved this mostly by going to bed early and getting up when no one else was awake to watch the sunrise.  I also decided to let go of “my responsibilities” a bit.  I used to hate my house out of order and every time my crew left their dirty socks, drinking glasses, and clothes all over the floor…I went through to pick them up.  This somehow became a constant chore and I did it because the mess drove me crazy.  It became clear rather quickly that I was the only person in our home who suffered from this tidiness affliction…I began to feel bitter about it.  Then I noticed the less I did, the happier I was feeling.  Now, I am not talking about sitting in front of the TV, or the computer, or scrolling through my phone.  Just sitting there until I was so comfortable with the thoughts that came up that I had nothing to run away from…

This, to me, was a revelation of the highest order.  I had spent so much of my life working like a maniac and maintaining perpetual busyness…just so I had no chance to stop and think.  If I had, the floodgates would have opened and I would have felt I had lost all control.

Have you ever noticed that a time of rest or silence actually made you better at everything you do in life?  What if rest and play really should be our highest priority?  What if we could get all the necessary work done in a fraction of the time and with precision because we are happy and present?  Is it possible our best ideas come from this place?

I had spent about a year sitting, meditating, praying, and reading books of high value.  I got so charged up with so many ideas during that time (hence my website, teaching art club at my boys’ school, and all the many projects I have in the works) that I started to fall back into my old pattern: work like a maniac, be busy and emotionally inaccessible…and don’t take time to think.

Well, my friend, it’s time.  I invite you to once again accept the call to non-action with me.  Together perhaps we can hold each other accountable and remind each other about the things that are of the highest value in life.  How beautiful it would be to find that balance between the two: action & non-action…each being essential to our growth and expansive beyond measure.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject…

Many Blessings