For the past two years, I have pursued my Reiki Certificates, and continue to do so.  I met with my teacher again recently for a re-attunement after a bit of a hiatus, and she did a quick session on me.  When she was finished, she looks up and says, “something funky is going on in your chest” and I told her about the pain I have had in my sternum for the past year.   As I started to sit up, she said “I don’t know, but it seems like you need to ‘unlock’ something”, and just at that moment my Dungeon Tower Key necklace dropped into place directly over this spot of pain in my chest.

Hmmm …what does this mean?

In meditation the next morning this vision came in quickly:

     There was a little girl sitting in a dark room …the only light was the orange and red glow of fire all around her.  It danced along the outlines of her face.  I screamed up to her “little girl, the tower is on fire you must come out now!”  She was entranced, immovable.  “LITTLE GIRL, YOU MUST GET OUT NOW.”  She did not budge.   So, I opened the heavy wooden door, ran up the spiral staircase, grabbed her in my arms and ran out of the building.  From the outside, she & I watched in silence as the Dungeon Tower burnt down to the ground. 

     We were finally free!

It became increasingly clear…although I wore the tower key around my neck, I had yet to turn it.  This is so reminiscent of my spiritual belief in an all-loving God who grants us our free will.  You see, God does not keep us imprisoned, He allows us to make choices…all throughout our lives, for better or worse.  As we make errors and corrections, we grow in our character and learn.   What God does do is connect us to eternity with visions, dreams, and emotional guidance that help us “see the light” …yet He never turns the key for us, for this would negate His gift of free will!

After giving keys to a few dear friends, stamped with words we contemplated individually and as a group, we had a transformative journey of vulnerability and self-discovery.  Digging deep to consider what “door” we really need to open to liberate ourselves and unlock our full potential.

This led me to my new door, this one is called “TRUST”.  When this journey began, I thought I had a lightning bolt of clarity and then it was done…well…it turns out we all seem to be living in a room of doors, just waiting to be unlocked, and anxious to expose the depths of our greatness.

     This journey has been a creative one, hopefully you will join in with us as well!  More details are to follow as StiKora begins to release the new “Gatekeeper” Series.  These talismans remind us how far we have come, and encourage us to move through life courageously; unlocking the doors that  we face in our paths.