A few months ago, before conceptualizing this website…

I was sitting in meditation one morning as the sun rose, staring out the window at one of my favorite trees, with whom I have shared many mornings.  I remember that during this time I was in a lot of pain with a recurring back injury.  As I sat there in stillness, I went into a dream-like state in which I had a vision of…

my body as a castle tower made of stone with stairs that spiraled from the ground to the very top…lit only by a few small torches.  There was a heavy wooden door with cast iron hinges locked up tightly with chains…with no way in or out.  When you reached the highest point in the tower there was a small dusty room with two EYE-shaped windows…this was the only room in the entire tower.

I came into the castle like a narrator or a voice or a body-less presence and I immediately observed a little girl about 5 years old stomping up and down the stairs seething with anger.  When she went to the top room, huffing and screaming, she struggled to reach the little windows to look outside longingly at the world around the castle…that is when I approached her…

I said: “Little girl, why are you so angry?”


Me: “What do you mean? How have I kept you locked in this tower?”

She: “You never let me be myself…you locked me up and MADE ME A PRISONER HERE!”

Me:  “Why would I do that?”

She:  “I don’t know why, but I am very angry!”

Me:  “Well, what can I do to help you?”

She:  “Let me out of here…let me be myself…let me shine!”

Me:  “How do I let you out?   This dungeon tower is locked up tight.”

She:  “Use the key!”

Me:  “What key?”

And I remember hearing a voice:  “Why don’t you make one?”…as I lifted out of this dreamy state and back into waking life.

Once again I was looking out the window at my tree.  I thanked God for this beautiful system He has in place…that is always able and willing to send messages and insights to us when we are seeking answers.  I realized quickly that the little girl was me…and that I was holding myself back from my true purpose and calling.  I realized that the dusty, dark, and dirty Dungeon Tower was a symbol of the pain I was carrying within my own body…including the girl’s anger.  It was clear.  I needed to step up my game.  Be my best self…honoring all the blessings and gifts I was given by God.  It was time to set the little girl free!

I immediately went to my shop…and started making “The Dungeon Tower Key”…and have worn it nearly every day since as a reminder to:

1)   Be Authentic,

2)  Honor my Gifts, and

3) Realize that God’s Laws are always working…drawing in experiences we need to learn.  He has given us Free Will, so we must make the choice & turn the key.

Liberate yourself.

Unlock your full potential.